Monday, June 30, 2008

The last six months

This guy comes every afternoon now

They are moving in on us
Trying out the Yeoman plow
Making a go with the forage harvester
A day on the land
Martina kicking back after have been planting blueberries
Our new blueberry patch
My harvest of sunflower seeds, and since they are non hybrids I plan on using them for the next season

Well, I just happen to like photograph flowers. Do you have a problem with that?
Since we were moving in to the house in late fall (April), the wood heater was a must.
Kelly and Brent finishing off the kitchen
Soon to be my bedroom, it needs a few more days of work.
Kitchen getting ready to get a spray of undercoating

So I am back with the flowers, I guess I was really impressed how much they took over the garden
Signs of a Yeoman plow
The big swale fills very easily

Sunset at Undercliff waterfalls 5 minutes from our house

The new tractor

Starting to see the finished layout

Hot water piping in the floor

It was a good year for blackberries
Kelly with his new fence posts
Tanya on the Machine

The next few photos are shot by Martina

Our new Biolytix sewage treatment system

Wow, anybody for indoor soccer

The gabions along the driveway doing their duty
Spraying the compost tea
We gravity feed it to the ute to take to the land
Brewing at the house we rented
Our own resident compost tea brewer - Jessie
Well, so much for the drought
Yeah, we did have some rain last night
Our small creek on steroids