Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finally some new photos

Our calf down with paralysis tick

Maxine, Elisa, and Alessandro cleaning garlic
We do like our garlic
Yes, it was a bit overwhelming
Fredrik and Alessandro building a chicken shed
6 weeks old chickens get there own garden to run around in
Pepe (the dog) would love to play with the chicks
new born chicks
One of our bulls wondering what we are taking a photo of
Moving the whole herd
Cattle coming up to be moved into a new paddock
Rounding the cattle up in the yards
Alessandro testing the cattle scale
Giving them Vit. B shot
It sure beats mowing the lawn

They do have a good life

Alessandro, Elisa, Maxine, Pepe, and Fredrik

Ok, sometimes Liston is not big enough, so you have to go to Brisbane
Bob is admiring his work on the new stick rake
Bob cleaning out one of our many dams