Sunday, September 30, 2007

Swales and logs

The new "Mini Mill" to help us make lumber from the logs

Pretty good result
....... square
From round to.......
The garden at our house is taking off
Making the swale level - ever so gentle
The bottom of the swale is the size of the ATV or a small garden cart
The culvert drains into the swale, leading water towards the garden
Marking out the swale
It's almost rain forest down in the gullies
Our new ramp - which we seeded up
Starting to put the topsoil back and seed it up
It looks nice and it is very functional
Stone masonry among many other talents
Our new pump getting water up to our tank for gravity feed to our irrigation

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back on the land

Pressure testing all the water pipes
The proposed garden area
J and T marking out the garden underneath the swale
We extended the area behind the sheds to the south
The new drain leading from the driveway to the future swale

A dam being born

The level sill at the end of the swale is dug out
The swale will increase the catchment and also provide an area for slow soaking and a pathway to the level sill for overflow
Geoff instructing the driver on the swale
In the end it became quite deep
The back wall
A ledge for topsoil at the water level
Notice the change in the color of the clay

Marking out the swale
Geoff inspecting the work
It is a slow progress when you just observing
Getting started
The "Keyway"
Signs of burned clay from a fire in the past
Geoff Lawton pointing out different levels of topsoil in the gully
Removing the topsoil
E.J. and Jesse discussing the contour level
Getting the area ready for the dig
Clearing the area
The brains and the machine

A film crew was filming the event

Getting ready for the builders

Jesse taking every chance he gets to do small botanical surveys around the property
Connecting all the pipe works
The man behind all the pipes (and Jesse)Jesse is getting good on the excavator (I have to watch it so he doesn't surpass me)

The water poly pipes lays in the same trench as the conduit separated by gravel
The conduit ready to be buried underneath good gravel
OK, me trying to be creative with the camera
A lot of conduit leading out from the battery room

Thank God for the excavator!
The last shed arrives
Cutting holes in the water tank for the fittings
Digging down the "Ag pipe" from the dam
Water intake from the dam
Surprisingly amount of meat from a small rabbit
The proud hunter