Sunday, September 23, 2007

A dam being born

The level sill at the end of the swale is dug out
The swale will increase the catchment and also provide an area for slow soaking and a pathway to the level sill for overflow
Geoff instructing the driver on the swale
In the end it became quite deep
The back wall
A ledge for topsoil at the water level
Notice the change in the color of the clay

Marking out the swale
Geoff inspecting the work
It is a slow progress when you just observing
Getting started
The "Keyway"
Signs of burned clay from a fire in the past
Geoff Lawton pointing out different levels of topsoil in the gully
Removing the topsoil
E.J. and Jesse discussing the contour level
Getting the area ready for the dig
Clearing the area
The brains and the machine

A film crew was filming the event

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