Saturday, October 10, 2009

The last year and a half - Part 1 - Sorry for the wait

Starting the fruit tree orchard

The new dam is slowly filling up

Ripping the future vegie patch expansion

The new house fence

Landscaping around the house

The new fence along the driveway

Building the pergola

Dinner time

Yes, there is a goddess in the woods

Photo courtesy of Shakof

Photo courtesy of Shakof

Hanging out on the balcony

Photo courtesy of Shakof

Photo courtesy of Shakof

Photo courtesy of Shakof

Our new mailbox

Photo courtesy of Shakof

She is life size

Undercliffe falls near where we live
Photo courtesy of Hanna

The local swimming hole
Photo courtesy of Hanna

Photo courtesy of Hanna

Local field day

Photo courtesy of Hanna

Hanging out after work

The wwoofers building the new landscape feature

Mushroom compost

New fence around house

Magnus, Amelia, and Hanna

It took a lot of soil to fill the center piece

We had a lot of helpers

Learning more about compost tea near Cairns

Our new solar hot water unit for the floor heating system

Moving 50 head of cattle from Ian Perkins place to the land - a distance of around 15 km

Putting down 2 " poly pipe to be able to pump up water from the dams and store it in tanks on the hills, and also to be able to have water spots for the cattle

It takes a big spinner to get the massive spools of poly pipe out.

The pipe laying plow

The new tanks

Gravity fed supply of water to stock

Mulching up the citrus trees for the winter

We have a great way to get mulch fast and easy

My Korean wwoofer putting down garlic to grow over winter

It doesn't look like a big spot of land, but it generated and amazing amount of garlic

We mulch it heavily to keep away the weeds and to create a good enviroment for the garlic

We have now jumped to August when I returned form overseas, and we are busy burning stacks of old timber

An old dead tree works as a chimney

A wild fire at a neighbors place which we helped to control

The wwoofers did a great job helping out

Seeding up potatoes

Louise preparing the seed beds

The yeoman plow heading out to the fields for another day of ripping the soil on a keyline system

The deep ripping action from the Keyline plow

It creates very little disturbance in the paddock

Well, spring is here

After a dry winter, all the growing action are in the gullies

Flooding the swale next to the house

Trying out a few other seeding implements for the future

Everyday we make new paddocks for the cattle with a single wire electric fence

In areas where we don't have gravity feed water we pump up to a trailer with 2,000 L. tanks

On one side we did some burning this winter and the other we didn't

Gathering around the water