Monday, November 19, 2007

Planting trees while the house is being built

Just for Art
It is coming along nicely

Owen helping out
Nicely framed
The frames laid out waiting to be raised up
Martina cutting down the covercrop to plant the beds up with a selection of seeds
Some of the trees yet to be planted
A newly planted tree with the milkcarton to protect it
Another windbreak towards the road
It looks really cool with all the swales and newly planted trees
The veggie garden with two newly planted beds
Tanya's herbspiral is coming along nicely
Our new official address; 578 Rivertree Rd.
Our newest members to the workforce, but they tend to mostly inspect the work
We dug two shorter swales above our long one next to the house, to plant up with trees to block the view of the road
Lining up the contour lines
34 small swales with close to 200 trees
We "roto tilled" between the swales and seeded up with cowpea, which is coming up like there is no tomorrow
Owen surveying and Jesse driving the excavator, what a team
We planted only native; Eucalyptus campanulata - Eastern New England Blackbutt, Eucalyptus youmanii - Youman's Stringybark, Eucalyptus calignosa - New England Stringybark,Eucalyptus dunnii - Dunn's White Gum, Eucalyptus viminalis – White Gum, Lophostemon confertus - Brush Box, Grevillea robusta - Silky oak
The gully that we want to plant up with trees

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