Sunday, October 7, 2007

Flooding the swale

Deep ripping with the dozer
After we put the topsoil back and deep ripped
Loosen up the very compacted soil
You can see how the soil really soaks up the water
It almost looks like the swale goes uphill before the trees, but that's not the case
The water slowly soaks in
Flooding the swale
Pumping up water from one of the dams and letting it out at the culvert on the driveway
The swale snakes around the landscape
Veggies from the garden at the house

We use the "Canadian" seed mix - two part Field Peas, one part Wooley Vetch, one part Lupin

For Art
We did the last part with hand tools
Tanya having a go on the excavator

Working on the level sill, that will overflow when there is more then 10 cm of water sitting in the swale
I think we did a great job on the swale

Gathering some mulch for our composting piles - we will have a tractor soon!

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