Sunday, October 14, 2007

The making of a veggie garden - Part one

Putting the gravel on top of cardboard with folded sides on to the bedsIt takes a lot of gravel and cardboard
A pallet load of sugar cane mulch standing by for future use in the garden
A lot of irrigation outlet points around the garden

All the walkways are dug down and are on level
It is hard work
Good gravel
The future center aisle
The excavator makes the work a bit easier
Jesse brings in goodies from the garden every night

We are already seeing growth from what we seeded the other week
The topsoil in place
The site looks really big now when all the topsoil has been raked out

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Anonymous said...

Hello, from International Falls, Minnesota, USA. I happened on your site in a search for, "new formed island+2006" and found it ALL to be extremely interesting..thank you..and a bit scary for sure.. a new island right before you eyes..WOW. I spent 1 month in Australia, Aug of 2006, we were in Ceduna where my son in law was a DR for six months.. we met many new friends and saw all the sites.even went to Coober Pedy.have a great day.... I love all your home pictures and look at all the kangaroos out that one window. amazing.. a American friend..Jackie