Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2nd week

a nice evening shot to finish the week

the shaping of the site

the morning after

one tiny flame gets it all started

the clearing for the tank site

the stack

like a symphony

the dozer

the scraper at work

planning for the driveway

the big boys arrive

the man with the plan has arrive
hungry for more

"you tree, me excavator"
what would have taken me 5 hours takes him 5 seconds

the cavalry is here

just to show you the size- that's a full-grown ax

That's how it's done

My partner in crime - Mr Excavator (or Bertha as he likes to be called on his nights off )

Cleaning up all the timber

1 comment:

Loafer said...

WOW, Fredrik! You certainly have been working your new Aussie butt off! The land looks so different from when I was down there in April. H & K will be thrilled to see the progress you've made in such a short time. I guess, though, there's still so much more to be done. I can't wait to join you soon and get my hands dirty.
We will have to have a few coldies to christen the "turning of the soil" soon.