Sunday, July 22, 2007

4th Week

The gullies are green and full of water even though we are in the dry season

Stumps pulled up with the excavator

We use a dump truck to move the stumps to the stacks for burning

My newly rented house gets very cold, so I better make sure I have enough firewood. I got lucky to have the excavator knock over an old gumtree that have been dead for years, but it still stood up and was dry as a sponge in the desert.

The shed pad ready for the concrete slab

We trucked in a lot of material for the driveway from a neighbour 10 km away

" Wide and High" is the mantra when it comes to the driveway

The new driveway entrance

The first steps to shaping the driveway

We were able to save the big trees that makes the entrance so powerful

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