Sunday, July 29, 2007

5th Week

"Undercliff falls" near the property - bad picture, nice spot

While checking the fences I noticed that big branches had fallen down and taken part of the fence with it in a couple of places - more work to put on the list

The site is getting prepared for the concrete, that hopefully will be poured next week

It does become a lot of holes, as it is three fairly big buildings

A good machine for the job

Laying out for the exact location of the sheds

The concrete boys start the next major step in this journey

The cut next to the driveway

There is a total of three culverts in the driveway

Small watering hole for the future cattle

Blackberry that totally has taken over one of the many stumps

It becomes a lot of old wire from the old fence posts that we burned during the week - this is just the first load

We are trying to clean up the place while we are going along

It was great to be able to burn the old fence posts and then just drag out the old wire - I have no idea how we would have done it any other way

The new driveway entrance with culvert in place

Big pipes, but it turned out great

It is a lot of work if you want it to be done correctly

Culverts are a lot like men's "you know what" - size matters, and there is questions to what you want the head to look like, but in the end to do the job right they need to be put in correctly

There are so many different birds around during this time of year

Some of the dams do need some work to fix the erosion caused by the cattle

The new farm track along the fence line

We stockpiled some material to have handy for future project and to be able to finish of the site

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